Boat tours

Charter services

Flowerpot Bay Lodge operates its own charter vessel, A-Lure, an 8.2m Alloy Jet-boat, suitable for tours around Pitt Island, Mangere, South East (Rangatira) and the Pyramid Islands.

Quite frankly, this is some of the most spectacular scenery on the Chatham Islands.

Both Mangere and Rangatira Islands are closed for landing as DOC Nature Reserves.  

Our vessel is surveyed for 8 pax, but is more comfortable with 4 or 5, depending os sea conditions. 

For the comfort of our guests, we generally operate in sea conditions less than 2m swell and less than 15kts. 

All departures are from Flowerpot Wharf, directly in front of the Lodge.


The hourly rate for A-Lure is $300, wharf to wharf. This cost is of course shared by the number of passengers.

The minimum charge out is $600. 

As a guide:

A boat trip to all three islands and circumnavigation of Pitt Island and visiting our favorite wee spots will take 4 hours return

Mangere Island only 1.5 - 2 hours return

South East Island only 2-4 hours return

Pyramid 3 hours return. 

We will happily combine scenic tours with fishing, diving and or bird watching to suit your needs. 

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