Before you book

You are about to book a holiday to New Zealand's most remote inhabited Islands.

Some things you need to know.

There is always some risk when traveling to remote Islands. 

Weather dictates everything we do and our ability to get you on and off the Island. 

While it is possible to transfer directly to Pitt Island on arrival at main Chatham, and to transfer directly off Pitt Island on the morning of departure, there is greater risk in doing this.

Generally in mid-summer season, the above risk is minimal. 95% of the time, visitors travel to and from Pitt Island by fixed wing aircraft (Cessna 206 operated by Air Chathams) as planned and on-time, BUT sometimes things don't go as planned, such as:

  • Aircraft availably, breakdown or servicing needs
  • Unsuitable VFR flying conditions
  • Unsuitable sea conditions for boat transfers
  • Pilot duty hours
  • Mainland flight delays affecting Pitt transfers
  • Daylight flying time

- There is only one Pitt Island aircraft and one pilot. 

Flowerpot Bay Lodge will organise transfers for you, however Flowerpot Bay Lodge has no association with or control over third-party transfer service providers.

Even though we may arrange transfers on your behalf, Flowerpot Bay Lodge accepts Zero responsibility for Transfer services 

Air Chathams also have special T&Cs for Pitt air services, refer to Clause 26 on this page - link.

While Flowerpot Lodge prides itself in sticking to the itinerary and transfer times, on Chatham, things tend to happen at their own pace

Be flexible and don't panic, it will sort itself out. 

Be prepared to adjust your itinerary and actual days on Pitt Island - we will assist in doing this.

Sometimes you may get stuck on Pitt Island or not even make it to Pitt Island. These are rare occurrences, but they do happen.

Please read our Terms and Conditions, these are very important. Bookings page.

Get Travel Insurance, make sure it covers weather and flight delays and other risks listed here.

Most of our activities require some walking, up hills and down dales, a reasonable level of fitness is required. 

If you do not want to accept these normal risks, then perhaps Pitt Island isn't for you.

If you do, you will be well fed, watered and fully entertained. 

Please read our reviews on Trip Advisor if you have any doubts.

Most visitors chose to undertake daily tours and activities and to make the most of their time on Pitt Island, you need a reasonable level of fitness for this.

There is no compulsion to do any activities, you can just relax at the Lodge. 

Apart from a few very short walks around Flowerpot, all other activities we offer are FULLY guided.

We use local produce, seafood, meat and vegetables from our garden (when we can) its fresh and organic.

Fad diets prove a challenge for us, we will try our best to accommodate medically required dietary needs. 

There are no shops on Pitt Island, if you have special dietary needs, you need to tell us before you get here.

There is no Doctor on Pitt Island, if you have medical or fitness issues, you need to tell us.

WE will do our best to show you all Pitt Island has to offer and to make your stay safe and enjoyable.